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My advice comic for those still in college! 

Hazel made a comic with her advice to get through comics college and encouraged me to make my own. I hope it helps someone! It would have been helpful for me to hear some of this before my senior year.

Reblog because SVA is about to start up again. You guys, remember to take care of yourselves!

Jess is hella profess and this is grade A advice. Thanks, Jess.

Your art style is a lot like Gerard Way's.

I think that he and I have a few influences that are similar and I will not deny that what I’ve seen of his work has influenced me. To be honest, that was a lot later though.

I saw him sketching in Life on the Murder Scene and I wasn’t that nuts about his stuff but then I saw his concept art and I really valued how free it was. Especially the uniforms for Danger Days and some of the plans for Black Parade. He’s definitely an artist that likes to get loose and keep it close to the integrity of the concept and I’m really about that.