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I was like I’m not gonna do this but then I was like naw how could I pass up and also idk you guys don’t know much about me so why not.

 I was tagged by rivai-lution

Name: June

Nickname: Jun…iper…?

Birthday: September 12th

Gender: O_O 

Sexuality: Pan or Bi (idk exactly but I like it all)

Height: 5’5”

Time zone: Eastern United States

What time and date is it there: Sept. 1/ 3:30pm 20..something

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6-8 (can you believe it? I’m not working hard enough)

SnK: Eruri, Hannibal(books/tv): Hannibal/Clarice or Hanni/Clarice/Will Bioshock: Finkbeau (in addition to Lambtece and Lutecest) SPN: Uhhh Destiel but isn’t that standard? 

The last thing I Googled was:  Vaporwave 

First word that comes to mind: celery

What I last said to a family member: "Okay."

One place that makes me happy and why: Being in any large room w/ creative friends where we’re making stuff. Being in the basement, making music. That one time we were in the recording studio. When I was in SVA I really loved being at a table working on comics w/ friends and the student studios. It just feels peaceful and fluid and I just feel like I’m where I need to be and have a purpose being.

How many blankets I sleep under: Just a comforter I guess (unless it’s winter; then hella layers are involved)

Favourite beverage: Cherry coke zero! I love gin and tonic! Eep. Red wine. Beer. Uhhh. Vodka. Okay- any light spirit (no rums). Black tea. A damn. fine. cup. of black coffee. Mango juices? idk. Coffee. Again.

The last movie I watched in the cinema was: Shit. um. I think Magic in the Moonlight?

Three things I can’t live without: Kae and Andre. 

Something I plan on learning: How to sweep pick on guitar (getting there). How to use gouache (also getting there). 

A piece of advice for all my followers

omg don’t ever see the most recent TMNT film. You should know this already but don’t do it.

Also if there’s a thing you wanna do but are afraid of doing it just start doing it. If you’re afraid of sucking, it’s okay- everyone does at first. I mean I wouldn’t even say sucking. Actually we all start somewhere- the suckiest thing is never doing it in the first place. Did that work?  

You have to listen to this song: Knickerbakker by No More Kings

I tag: Oh dear. Um. ….. Angie, Mara, Kae, Abner, Ruthie, Rachel, Jess, Lindsey, Ander …if ya’ll wanna

Maybe I'll start it later!

Also In the Flesh….if you like zombie stuff but it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s different than the approach of walking dead. It’s zombie outbreak where the zombies are treated with medication and are being assimilated back into society.